About Vintrado

Vintrado brings together merchants and buyers of wine from around the world on a trading platform which ensures transparent, honest, fair-value and safe transactions.

The value chain of wine is old-fashioned and obsolete. There are hardly products with a distribution as outdated as wine. Why would consumers purchase wine for elevated prices because importers, distributors and retailers have all taken a piece of the pie? Why can this bottle not be purchased from the importer or perhaps directly from the producer? Why would you purchase your favorite vintage at auction only to have to pay an additional 20-25% “buyer’s premium” on top of the hammer price? These are all questions which lead the Vintrado founders to create a platform to facilitate more efficient, transparent, but above all fairer, transactions.

The Vintrado platform allows anyone with an adequate wine storage and access to the internet to sell his or her wines. We will make sure the Vendors are checked and that the transactions are completed safely and quickly so you can enjoy your purchased wines within a couple of working days.

For more information please consult our Frequently Asked Questions. In case anything remains unclear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Vintrado customer service.

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About Thijs

Vintrado was founded by Thijs van Vugt in 2021.

Thijs’ earliest contact with wine was during his studies of International Hospitality Management at “École hotelière de Lausanne”. His weekly wine courses aroused his interest to such an extent that he decided to continue his studies with a dedicated degree in wine. This Master of Science in International Wine Management organized by the O.I.V. takes its students to 27 different countries in a 12 month period. The combination of the courses being held in the respective areas and being able to visit a vast amount of wineries has given Thijs his broad frame of reference and expertise in the world of wine.

After completing his Master’s degree Thijs worked for 10 years as Head Wine Buyer for Grapedistrict in Amsterdam. He is now dedicated full-time to Vintrado.

Thijs enjoys all types of wine but has a penchant for German Riesling, old Rioja and natural wines.  


Vintrado BV

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