Jacky Preys Le Piloris Pinot Noir 2020


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During France’s Napoleonic era, Touraine and its environs were the main source of gunflint for the army. While mines have long since made way for grape vines, the region’s flinty heart has remained, much to the joy of vine growers who cultivate Sauvignon Blanc on these mineral-rich, “silex” soils. Since the early 1940s, the Preys winemaking family has been privy to the secrets of “silex” and made sure to plant Sauvignon Blanc vines on these flint-rich soils, knowing (like their vinous compatriots in Sancerre, for example) that this vine-soil combo made for intensely aromatic wines, immediately identifiable by their subtle yet tantalizing incense notes, reminiscent of the spark of gunflint.

Producent Jacky Preys
Cuvee Le Piloris Pinot Noir 
Vintage 2020
Land France
Regio Loire Valley
Appelatie France | Loire Valley | Middle Loire | Touraine |
Druif Pinot Noir
Formaat 0.75 L

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